Paint Area Supervisor

Location: Oak Bluff, MB, Canada

Posted: Jun-29-2018
Closing: Jul-29-2018

This position will work directly for the Production Manager

Direct report(s)
Paint area employees


  • Safety
  • Quality Control of materials being painted; pre- and post-paint
  • Maintaining and increasing production targets
  • Ensure equipment is maintained in proper working order
  • Leadership

Routine Tasks

  • Be knowledgeable of ALL shop Safe Work Procedures, and ensure that those applicable to the finishing area are being followed
  • Assist other staff with loading conveyor, washing parts, painting and unloading
  • Assist with training of employees
  • Maintain a clean and safe environment for employees
  • Ensure cranes and lifting equipment are used according to industry best practices
  • Review of upcoming production to ensure adequate materials are on hand to achieve client delivery dates
  • Inspect all received parts to ensure they are according to drawings
  • Execute production plan on a daily basis, and provide feedback on schedule
  • Quality control of painted parts and / or finished equipment through inspection and documentation
  • Maintain housekeeping and waste disposal 
  • Monitor inventory of painting equipment, air tools, hand tools, and lifting equipment in finishing area
  • Trouble shooting issues that occur and keeping management aware
  • Supervise overtime on a daily or weekend basis as required
  • Assist with performance evaluations of direct report employees
  • Coach and motivate employees so they may achieve their maximum potential
  • Professional conduct at work and events representing AGI-VIS
  • Demonstrate commitment and loyalty to AGI-VIS
  • Dealing with employees on all levels ex. Conflicts, concerns, ideas, etc.
  • Communicate openly with managers and supervisors
  • Others duties as assigned

Qualification / Desired Experience

  • 1-2 Years working within a production paint environment (any role)
  • Experience with movement of materials within a production shop
  • Knowledge of quality control practices
  • Knowledge of equipment packaging best practices
  • Previous experience supervising / managing people

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